The Angry Cauldron

White Sage and Sea Salt Bath Bomb

The Angry Cauldron

Feeling blah? Need to rid yourself of a ton of negative energy? The Angry Cauldron's White Sage and Sea Salt Bath Bomb is the perfect cut and clear protection formula.  Designed to cut and clear all negative energy from you and your surroundings.  Use to cleanse yourself of all unwanted energy and start over with a sparkly clean slate. A beautiful white and sage green swirled orb with a watery blend of cucumber, ozone and fresh rain mixed with fresh sea salt and hand picked white sage.    

*Store in a cool DRY place away from any sort of heat and/or humidity!!!

**Due to the natural water-soluble dyes used in this product it may temporarily stain your bathtub or leave a ring, but a good scrub with all-purpose cleaner should remove all traces of colour.

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