The Angry Cauldron

*Pre-order The Witching Hour Soap

Crafty Concoctions

Hand made with The Angry Cauldron's Witching Hour oil, use this hand made artisanal soap in preparation for all your magical rituals. Can be used before or after rituals to wash yourself clean, empower yourself, clean out any unuseful energies, recharge yourself in preparation of ritual work, etc.  Especially useful before Sabbats and Esbats.

Our soaps are handcrafted right here in the USA by local artisans!

*Pre-orders should begin shipping in late October 2018 to early November 2018. Soaps take 6-8 weeks to cure so please be patient while we are in production. Please do not include pre-order items in with currently stocked merchandise because that will cause the entire order to ship when the pre-order items become available. If you want regularly stocked items now place them on a separate order from your pre-order items.   

**Please note that due to the handmade nature of this soap, color shades and swirl styles may slightly vary. Each bar is unique!