The Angry Cauldron

The Angry Cauldron Poppets

The Angry Cauldron

After a night of cocktails and tales of revenge (along with some help from the Head Witch herself, Dorothy Morrison) we developed a line of 10, professional-looking, high-quality poppets all geared for a specific purpose--to get you what you need!

Dark Arts Poppet (Black)
Rags to Riches Poppet (Green)
Safe and Sound Protection Poppet (White)
Get Lucky Lust Poppet (Red)
Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones Mended Health Poppet (Dark Blue)
Loves Eternal Poppet (Pink)
Invincible Power Poppet (Purple)
The Golden Rule Lucky Life Poppet (Golden Yellow)
Everything and the Kitchen Sink Attraction Poppet (Orange)
Soothing Minds Peace and Tranquility Poppet (Light Blue)

Custom Poppet--You pick the material and we make a poppet out of it for you. Want an ex-lover back? Send us his t-shirt. Need rid of a few people, mail us an article of clothing from your mark. Whatever it is we can probably make a doll out of it just for you. E-mail for instructions.

Each poppet is hand sewn. These are not mass produced machine sewn dolls. They are hand-made by an expert seamstress with very little variation. You won't find legs two different sizes or mismatched arms --each poppet is fairly the same as the next. Each poppet is generally 4 inches wide and 5-6 inches tall, These are sewn with extra strong nylon thread so they're durable and share a very precise uniform shape and size. The heads are open to allow for stuffing (don't forget your tag locks!) and can be easily closed with a needle and thread, glue, tape or some people have even used staples! We suggest cotton balls to stuff, but we've had people use beans, rice, sand, moss and even grave yard dirt!  We do not suggest you attempt to wash the poppet with water or machine wash because felt is rather delicate and will fall apart. If you insist on washing the poppet in water please choose the Custom Poppet and choose a washable fabric that will not shrink, fade, or tear easily.

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