The Angry Cauldron

The Angry Cauldron Poisonous Dwarf Mini Poppets

The Angry Cauldron

All the magical wallop of the original, half the size!!!

All the same colors of the original Angry Cauldron poppets only about half the size!!! Poppets generally measure about 3.5 wide x 4.5-5 inches tall. Excellent for hiding in a target's home, carrying around in a purse or satchel, or for those just looking for something smaller or more manageable.   

Dark Arts Poppet (Black)
Rags to Riches Poppet (Green)
Safe and Sound Protection Poppet (White)
Get Lucky Lust Poppet (Red)
Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones Mended Health Poppet (Dark Blue)
Loves Eternal Poppet (Pink)
Invincible Power Poppet (Purple)
The Golden Rule Lucky Life Poppet (Golden Yellow)
Everything and the Kitchen Sink Attraction Poppet (Orange)
Soothing Minds Peace and Tranquility Poppet (Light Blue)

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