The Angry Cauldron

Soothing Minds Peace and Tranquility Bath Bomb

The Angry Cauldron

Stressed out? Is your house the scene for the next World War? Is screaming the only way you feel you can make yourself heard? Need to restore the peace? Take a break and relax with our Our Soothing Minds Peace and Tranquility Bath Bomb. Used in the bath to provide a soothing peaceful atmosphere for your entire house. Use before meditation, a restful  nap, or just to relax a bit from a hectic work day. A warm blend of fresh vanilla beans, rich caramel and soothing cream with a floral bouquet of lavender and earthy amber this is the ultimate in relaxation. 

*Store in a cool DRY place away from any sort of heat and/or humidity!!!

**Due to the natural water-soluble dyes used in this product it may temporarily stain your bathtub or leave a ring, but a good scrub with all-purpose cleaner should remove all traces of colour.



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