The Angry Cauldron

Skeleton Key

Dorothy Morrison

The Skeleton Key has long been revered for many reasons, but mostly because it has the ability to open many doors, rather than just one. And since it's a master key of sorts, it makes the perfect addition to the magical tool box. It's sacred to Elegba, who holds the keys to the gates between the mundane and magical worlds, as well as to Hecate and the Man at the Crossroads - both of Whom stand at the crossroads of life, and unlock that which keeps one from successfully moving forward. But that's not all. It can also be enchanted for use in magical efforts focused toward unlocking secrets and mysteries and doors of opportunity - and even be used in efforts to unlock the flow of personal magic when the practitioner feels blocked. Worn about the neck, it puts the wearer in control, and protects him or her from ill will and harm. No magical tool box is complete without one!

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