The Angry Cauldron

Shredded Money

Dorothy Morrison

There's nothing like adding real money to a spell for financial gain, as it immediately obliterates any confusion regarding focus and intent, and gets cash flowing in your direction post haste. And this shredded cash is simply perfect for the job!

I add it to money-drawing oil and let it steep overnight before using it to anoint myself or dress candles. I mix it into incense, add it to charm bags, mix it into the soil before planting my money-drawing herbs. I add it to my personal room sprays, floor washes - paying special attention to the threshhold of the front door when I clean - carpet deodorizer powder, and household cleaners. the first of every year, I take care to sprinkle a bit under the mat at the front door, just to ensure that cash flows steadily into our household.

The ways to incorporate it into your magic are absolutely limitless. And best of all, a little goes a very long way!