The Angry Cauldron

Radiant Health Bath Bomb

The Angry Cauldron

A must have for any serious healer!!!  Excellent for any healing spell,  healing work, or just a basic pick me up!  Take a long relaxing bath with our sumptuous Radiant Health Bath Bomb and feel the magick of rejuvenation!  A sparkly white bath bomb with blue end caps and a dark blue Radiant Health core. A mixture of eucalyptus, sage, Epsom Salts, spearmint and lavender along with rosemary, juniper, and calendula. Good for sore muscles, colds, bruises, allergies, sinus congestion, etc.

*Store in a cool DRY place away from any sort of heat and/or humidity!!!

**Due to the natural water-soluble dyes used in this product it may temporarily stain your bathtub or leave a ring, but a good scrub with all-purpose cleaner should remove all traces of colour.

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