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The Angry Cauldron

We know what it's like to have a problem and have no one to turn to in your time of need.  Thank the gods for Dorothy Morrison.  Trust me when I say we'd never made it through our ordeal without her and without her book "Utterly Wicked."  After my mother died, my sisters informed me that I needed to fork over $40,000 or face a forced eviction from the only home I'd ever known (even though the house and land were clearly left to me in my Mother's will). Attorneys cost money and the legal process moves at a snail's pace...but magic is free and typically works a shit load faster.  After our nasty encounter and subsequent victory, we formed the basis of what has quickly grown to become our best selling on one magical consultation services.  We only need you to answer 3 major questions:

 1. What do you want? (Be as specific as possible because we're not mind readers, okay?)

 2. What are you comfortable working with? Poppets, Oils, Candles, etc.

 3. What is your working budget?

 Based on these three answers we'll sit down, consult with our fellow practitioners, and present you with a series of suggestions and options.  If we can't help you out with a least one suggestion or recommendation---it's free.  The only problem we can't solve is one we don't know about!  Folks it doesn't get much easier than that!!! By the time we're done you'll be saying, "Thank the gods for The Angry Cauldron!"    

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