The Angry Cauldron

Mercury Dimes

Dorothy Morrison

As with the Indian Head Penny, the image on the face of the Mercury Dime is a bit deceptive, as it's not that of the winged god at all. Instead, it's another depiction of Liberty - only this time, she's wearing a winged cap. That's actually great news for magical practitioners, though, as the combination of the freedom she represents - along with the wings on her cap - make this particular dime an excellent tool for clearing obstacles and opening roads. In fact, many folks wear one on their ankle to keep that magic in constant motion.

The Mercury Dime has long been considered an extremely lucky coin by many folks. Brides are given one to wear in their shoe before walking down the aisle to ensure a lucky marriage. When a knife is presented as a gift, one is given as a return token to prevent the blade from cutting the friendship. And most serious gamblers simply refuse to participate in games of chance without one in their pocket.

But the dime's magical properties go far beyond opening roads and bringing good fortune. The circulated dimes are also of great use when it comes to money magic - and not just because of the coin's image or the fact that it's crafted of silver. Having been used and passed person to person countless times over the years, they've already been well integrated into the financial system, and are an integral part of the cash flow system. In addition to adding them to money spells and mojo, some folks even utilize them in making "money water" - a process that involves soaking them in tap water from Sunday through Thursday - to use in anointing both their hands and workspace as a quick money draw.

And if that's not enough, they are also used in efforts to conteract curses and protect against malicious magic. It's one tool I'd never be without!

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