The Angry Cauldron

Limited Edition Hekate World Magic Candle

Coventry Creations

A smoky black candle with a floral blend including honeysuckle, rose geranium, and bergamot. This 2.5 x 6.5 pillar burns for 80 hours.
The World Magic Hekate candle is inspired by Hekate, goddess of the three paths, Queen of the Witches. As a guide between the two worlds, Hekate leads us in the direction we need to go. Approach her for guidance, strength, and will; she is a powerful ally. Hekate stands at the crossroads to open the paths between the worlds and light the way to the future. She is ageless, believing to have come from Egypt and crossed into the Greek pantheon as the original triple goddess. Originally invoked as “Most Lovely One”, Hekate personifies the maiden, mother and crone. It is helping us through these crossroads of life that has earned her the title of “Queen of the Witches”. Her traditions continue to this day, as many honor her at places where three roads meet. The moon, crossroads, torches, dogs, and horses are sacred to her.

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