The Angry Cauldron

Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Crossroads Candle

Coventry Creations

Midnight black candle with a mystical fragrance of frankincense and cypress. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.

The crossroads are a no man’s land, meaning that they are a place in between; the place of magic and potential.  Wisdom lives at the crossroads, the wisdom we may not be ready to see and may even be afraid of.  Fear of the trickster at the crossroads looking to trade us for our souls.  What the trickster really represents is the exchange of our innocence for the responsibility that is required every time we unlock a deeper level of wisdom.  Use this candle when you are at your own crossroads and are ready to unlock your future.

Standing at the threshold of multiple worlds the crossroads is a powerful place. This month we are offering a Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Crossroads candle to tap into this deep magic. Our customers have long sought out a way to this magical doorway and brought this ritual candle into being.  It comes complete with a crossroads ritual, candle, key and blessing.

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