The Angry Cauldron

Indian Head Pennies

Dorothy Morrison

Indian Head Pennies are often associated with Black Hawk, and have long been used in magical practice for a multitude of purposes. Tacked above inner doors with the head facing in, they act as a guard to keep the police - as well as aggravating and harmful folks - away from one's doorstep. Tacked above inner doors with the head facing the wall, they draw money into the home and keep bill collectors at bay. When nailed or pounded face up into the four corners of one's property, they guard the space and all who live there. They can also be worn around the neck or kept in the pocket for general protection, to alert against danger, to protect against legal entanglements, and to ensure the wearer's freedom - the latter of which is probably because the Indian Head on its face really isn't the image of a Native American at all. It is, instead, an image of Liberty adorned with a feathered headdress.

Please Note: Since these coins were only minted from 1859-1909, each of these has been circulated and is well over 100 years old. And for this reason alone, none of them are in pristine condition. Not by a long shot. So if you're looking at these through the eyes of a collector as opposed to those of a magical practitioner, you'd probably do better to find one elsewhere. It's also important to note that the metal composition was changed in 1864 - those minted prior to 1864 contained a good amount of nickel, and those minted thereafter contained tin and/or zinc - so coloration differs coin to coin. Some in my collection have green spots and some are a bit rusty, while others are terribly worn and misshapen. A few of them have been silvered and gilded - although to what purpose, I have no clue. And some even have holes in them, making it apparent that they're certainly not newcomers to magic. However...all of them have been thoroughly cleansed and still have a lot of magic left within!