The Angry Cauldron

Dorothy Morrison's Wicked Witch Mojo Spray Sampler Set

Dorothy Morrison

A Fabulous Package
Of 16 One-Ounce Sample Sprays...
Perfectly Matched to the Wicked Witch Mojo Candles and Oils You Love So Much!

Most of you not only love the Wicked Witch Mojo candles and oils, but consider them to be staples in your magical tool chest. A good number of you have already tried the recently released matching sprays, and love them, too. But trying them all - even in the less expensive 2-ounce size - can run into a chunk of money. So with that in mind, I figured out a way to make that happen...all without breaking the bank. And the Wicked Witch Mojo Spray Sampler was born!


So...what's in the package? Only 16 one-ounce spray samples of the very best mojo a wicked Witch could possibly have...that's what! Here's the list:

* Bitch Be Gone
* Come to Mama
* Everything & Then Some
* Fast Cash
* Flying Monkeys
* Forever Mine
* It Sucks to be You
* Outta My Way
* Poof
* Puttin' on the Witch
* Red Stilettos
* Shut Your Mouth
* Tornado Alley
* Who's Your Mama
* Wicked Witchin'
* Wishin' Mojo

There's more. To make this assortment extra special, I've nestled it in fine black shred and packaged it in a clear plastic box - something that makes it perfect for gift giving. What could be better than that? A deep discount, that's what. And you'll find that I've included that, too!