The Angry Cauldron

Dorothy Morrison's Wicked Witch Mojo Shut Your Mouth Spray

Dorothy Morrison

Plagued with incessantly wagging tongues? Are nasty insinuations and trash talk wounding your soul and screwing with your life? Is surgical removal of the tongues of those offending parties starting to look like a good idea? If so...stop right there, and let Shut Your Mouth take over! Much more effective than a slap in the mouth - and not nearly as messy as a tongue-ectomy - this great product not only handles the job quickly and efficiently, but with finality. Just spritz a bit where the offending party will sit or walk, and see how quickly loose lips begin to tighten.

Now available in a full 4 oz size bottle and a smaller 2 oz travel size good for keeping in the car, giving as a gift, taking with you on the go, or to use just as a sample tester. The 2 oz is also small enough to pass through airport security so they can be taken on planes. Please see

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