The Angry Cauldron

Dorothy Morrison's Wicked Witch Mojo Puttin' On The Witch Spray

Dorothy Morrison

Are you actually living that fabulous life of which you once dreamt? The one filled to the brim with personal accomplishments, joy and absolute comfort? If not, maybe it's time to reclaim your personal power. How? Just dust off your inner Witch, try her on for size, and wear her proudly. Once you do, she'll offer the tools to help you reinvent yourself, your life, and your circumstances. Empowerment never felt so good - and you'll be amazed at the results!

Now available in a full 4 oz size bottle and a smaller 2 oz travel size good for keeping in the car, giving as a gift, taking with you on the go, or to use just as a sample tester. The 2 oz is also small enough to pass through airport security so they can be taken on planes. Please see

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