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Dorothy Morrison's Wakin' the Dead Coffin Kit

Dorothy Morrison

Sold out.

Because many of you have a special celebration to honor your Ancestors and Sacred Dead at Hallows or just after, I wanted to get these kits out to you in plenty of time. Of course, it's not the only time of the year we should honor them or celebrate their lives - and this little kit will definitely help you get the party started!

Here's what's inside:

* 1 Unscented White Tea Light
* 1 vial of Wakin' the Dead oil
* 1 Beribboned Brass Bell
* 1 Silk Marigold
* My personal recipe for mulled wine
* Complete instructions

While the contents of the kit will certainly get the festivities off the ground, there are a couple of other things you may want to add to the celebration: a 2-ounce bottle of Wakin' the Dead spray, and a Wakin' the Dead candle. They're great for enticing the Ancestors and Sacred Dead to come forth, to visit with you, and to offer Their blessings and assistance. [If you're planning a séance - which some folks do during this time - they are absolute must-haves.] I wouldn't celebrate my Ancestors without them!