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Dorothy Morrison's Utterly Wicked Poppet Kit

Dorothy Morrison

A Fun and Effective Killing the Bastard!

I've been wanting to put this kit together for years. But I knew I couldn't devote the time necessary to do it correctly. [ I'm not the graphics wiz that some of you are, and it takes me a while! LOL!] And I certainly wasn't going to just throw something together, call it good, and turn out a product of which I couldn't be proud. After playing with this for several months, though, I finally got it right - and I'm absolutely delighted to finally present The Utterly Wicked Poppet Kit!

So...why The Utterly Wicked Poppet Kit? Because the time comes in everyone's life when they need such a thing. Sometimes, it's just so something - anything - will bring a smile to your face again, and nothing else seems to fit the bill. And sometimes, it's because you're so pissed off that you can't think of any punishment horrid enough to ease your pain. Either way, this poppet will do the trick. And I think you're going to love it as much as I do!

Even though I've taken great pains to ensure simplicity of use, the word, "kit," truly is key here - because you'll be putting the poppet together yourself. Not to worry, though. I've designed and included pre-printed fabric with easy-to-see cutting lines, complete easy-to-understand instructions, and three sharp 3" black poppet pins for your stabbing enjoyment. All that's left is for you to supply the stuffing and the hissy fit, and you'll be good to go!

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