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Dorothy Morrison's Special Edition Spray Sampler Set

Dorothy Morrison

9 Two-Ounce Bottles...
And a Wealth...
Of Pure Magic!

Sprays have become incredibly popular in today's magical practitioners - and there's a good reason for that. They're quick and easy to use. There's no muss. No fuss. And best of all, no mess. Just a spritz or two, and you're done. They're versatile, too. They can be used to cleanse, bless and protect a home. They can be used to infuse an area with virtually any magical property. And they can be used as a body spray to encase a practitioner with magic, as well - enabling them to carry the desired properties where ever they go. It's no wonder they've become one of the practitioner's most loved tools.

Truth be told, I think all magical practitioners should have a good assortment of sprays. Why? Because there comes a time when lighting a candle simply won't do. When incense is in danger of setting off a smoke alarm. And when a poppet right out in the open is not only risky, but completely ill-advised.

A spray, on the other hand, is never cause for raised eyebrows. Especially when it can double as a room or body spray. And that's part of its beauty - and its magic.

With that in mind, I've put together 9 special edition sprays that I think every practitioner should have on hand - 5 of which have never been offered to the general public on my website. I think I've put together a great assortment. And I hope you will, too!

* Extreme Bad Ass
* Endless Love
* Florida Waters
* 4 Thieves Vinegar
* Hot Damn
* Mistress
* Rich Bitch
* Spontaneous Combustion
* St. Dorothy the Wicked

I've packaged this set in a clear plastic box to make it perfect for gift giving. What's more...I'll even give you a discount!