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Dorothy Morrison's Special Edition Extreme Bad Ass Oil

Dorothy Morrison

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Are you feeling powerless and insignificant? Like you're nothing more than an invisible face in a crowd? Like nothing you do matters - regardless of how hard you try? Then what you need is a boost of personal power. The gumption to stand up and say, "I won't put up with this crap any longer!" And the best way to make that happen is to awaken your inner bad ass and allow it to reinvent your life! [Once used, you might not even need that super-hero cape to rule the world!]

A triple X version of the Bad Ass products offered in February, Extreme Bad Ass brings you right to the forefront where you belong, garners cooperation from others, and keeps folks from messing with you. It's available in both a 4 oz. room spray and a special edition oil, which makes it simple to use and extremely versatile. For best results, I recommend pairing the two with an Outta My Way candle.

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