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Dorothy Morrison's Limited Edition Wicked Witch's Tool Box

Dorothy Morrison

Sold out.

Stuffed it with a plethora of magical tools that we often wish we had at our disposal, but seldom do: an Indian head penny, a Mercury dime, a rattlesnake bone, shredded U.S. currency, Spanish moss, a skeleton key, and a sample-sized vial of St. Dorothy the Wicked oil - all wrapped up in a 5-inch round crocheted doily. And to top it off, I've included ideas for implementing each of these fabulous tools into your magical practice:

Skeleton Key: Unlocks secrets as well as the gates between the mundane and magical worlds; sacred to the Man at the Crossroads.

Indian Head Penny: Scouts out danger, prevents legal entanglements and keeps harmful people at bay. (Commonly used keep the police away)

Mercury Dime: Quickly clears obstacles, and opens roads and doors to opportunity and possibility.

Rattlesnake Bone: Strengthens curses and efforts to rid oneself of enemies and relieve them of their power.

Shredded Money: A powerful addition to all money drawing efforts.

Spanish Moss: Powerful addition to efforts requiring longevity.

St. Dorothy the Wicked Oil: Anoint candles, objects, or yourself when you need a miracle of sorts - and the desired outcome is iffy.

Doily: Use for any efforts requiring connectivity. Drawing a ribbon through the spaces between stitches also creates a quick and easy charm bag.

Each box is hand decoupaged and autographed by Dorothy herself.

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