The Angry Cauldron

Dorothy Morrison's Grave Matters Curse Conjuring Coffin Kit

Dorothy Morrison

Folks loved last year's cursing kit so much, that they begged me to make another. So...this year, I've done just that - and I hope you'll love it just as much.

This kit, however, is very different than its predecessor. You won't find any poppets inside. You won't find any poppet pins. But what you will find inside is everything necessary to handle the job, relieve your frustration, and send you laughing all the way home. [If nailing your target to the ground, covering it with nastiness, and dumping a whole vial of Screw You oil laced with your urine on top doesn't at least elicit a giggle...well...nothing will!] And that's exactly what a great cursing kit should do!

Here's what's inside:

* 5 square nails

* 1 vial of Screw You oil

* 1 packet of Hot Foot Powder and Crushed Glass Cursing mixture

* 1 packet Graveyard Crossroads Dirt

* Cursing spell with complete instructions

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