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Dorothy Morrison's Endless Love Hexology Jar

Dorothy Morrison

Endless Love
[When Cupid Fouls Up & Misses The Shot]


Leaving your love life up to Cupid is not real smart. Why? Because he's lazy and easily distracted. He has a weird sense of humor. And to top it off, he's a really bad shot. If you're tired of his antics, then kick him to the curb and take charge. You can find that love of a lifetime - and Endless Love will help you do it!


So...what's inside?

* 1 Bag of Dorothy's personal love-that-lasts mixture
* 2 Pennies
* 1 Satin drawstring bag
* Ribbon-tied scroll with complete instructions
* Miniature candle for wax sealing

Just follow a few simple steps, and let Endless Love handle the rest. You'll be well on your way to that melt-me-into-a-puddle romance in nothing flat!