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Dorothy Morrison's Charmed Life Hexology Jar

Dorothy Morrison

Charmed Life
[A Hefty Shot of Good Luck and Sweet Living]


Home should be a relaxing, happy place - a place overflowing with love and laughter - where folks mind their manners and good luck abounds. If this doesn't even remotely sound like your home, maybe it's time to put things back on track. And Charmed Life - the good luck/happy home jar - can definitely start the ball rolling!

So...what's inside?

* 1 Bag of Dorothy's personal good luck/happy home mixture
* Ribbon-tied scroll with complete instructions
* Miniature candle for wax sealing

Just follow a few simple steps, bury the jar according to the instructions and let Charmed Life do its thing. You'll be amazed at the change in the energy - and at the wonders that roll through your door!


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