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Dorothy Morrison's Busy Bee Spray

Dorothy Morrison

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Do You Want to be a Busy Bee? Have Each Slot Filled in Your Appointment Book? Well, Now...It's Possible!



This has not been a profitable year business-wise for a good many folks. Maybe it's that the economy - while growing marginally - is still in recovery mode. Maybe it's the uncertainty of what's going on with government and politics. Maybe it's a combination of both, as well as several other factors. But one thing's for sure: Consumers have seemed reluctant to turn loose of so much as a dime. And the hardest hit seem to be those who rely on booking appointments to make their living.

The problem is that businesses that rely on appointment scheduling generally fall into two major categories: personal services [readings, salon and spa services, tours, and other fun things] and big-ticket items [real estate, investment opportunities, etc.] - both of which tend to make consumers hesitant in an economy they see as uncertain. Whether they want what you have to offer is not in question. Instead, they wonder if they need it. If they can afford it. Or if they'd be better off waiting until they have a larger stash of disposable cash. They play the on-one-hand-this/on-the-other-hand-that game. Then they continue in this vein until they've decided that, even though they'd love to avail themselves of your product or service, it really is just fringe - fringe being a set of items one must cut out when tightening the belt. And before it's said and done, they've talked themselves out of the purchase, and you've lost a sale. End of story.

It doesn't have to be that way.

The Busy Bee special edition products were developed just for you, and your unique business situation. Specifically designed to create the perfect atmosphere for bringing in new clientele, it also secures return business and keeps it coming. Current customers suddenly feel the need to tell others about you, your business, and the services you offer - whether by a glowing review, or word of mouth. Foot traffic increases for businesses with storefronts. Your appointment book fills. And no-shows become a thing of the past.

The downside?

You may actually have to schedule personal bathroom breaks and meal times in your book, as well!

Busy Bee comes in both oil and spray form - the latter of which is available in both 2-ounce and 4-ounce sizes. For best results, I highly recommend pairing them with a Come to Mama candle - which, in and of itself, is an amazing attraction formula.

So give Busy Bee a shot and see what happens. Once you have, I think you'll agree that it's the best defense you've ever had against empty appointment books and lagging business.

**Temporarily Discontinued


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