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Dorothy Morrison's Bless My Soul Blessing Coffin Kit

Dorothy Morrison

Admittedly, a blessings kit is not something you'd normally expect to see among my special edition offerings. But with all the tragedy and ugliness in our world today, we now - more than ever - seem to need all the blessings we can get. And so...the Bless My Soul kit was born!

One of the great things about this kit is that it not only offers tools to manifest specific blessings - and an assortment of ideas of how to put them to use - but those to assist in protecting both you and your household. And that's something of which we can never have enough!

Here's what's inside:


3 African wishing mojo beans

* 1 Blue Ball

* 1 Blue Evil-eye Bead

* 1 Packet Herbal Household Blessings Mixture

*1 vial of Special Edition Bless My Soul oil

*1 tea bag for brewing the herbal household blessings wash

* Ideas and instructions for using the kit contents