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Dorothy Morrison's 2020 Special Edition Home Blessings Ornaments

Dorothy Morrison

Filling Your Home With
Unbridled Blessings!

Regardless of where we live, the coming of a New Year is always awaited with great anticipation. We dream of limitless blessings. Unbridled success. Some sort of magical force field that causes anything even remotely resembling an aggravation to bounce right off and dissolve into thin air. And then...we hedge our bets by celebrating its arrival - and the notion of a clean slate, on which to write our futures - with joy and hope, each in our own special ways.

While I've certainly kept to my family's New Year's celebration traditions over the years, I've added a few of my own. And one of the things I've added has definitely kept untold blessings flowing in my direction. It's kept me safe - often despite all odds. It's kept money in my pocket. It's opened doors of opportunity, that for all practical purposes, appeared to be closed forever. It's filled my home with joy, harmony, love, and good fortune. Simply put, it's brought me boundless good luck - even when nobody else seemed to have any - and I'd love to share it with you.

So...what is this magnificent magical wonder?

It's the home blessings ornament!

At 2-1/2" in diameter, this ornament is worth its weight in gold - as it's designed and charged bring abundant blessings directly into your home, while filtering out nasty complications and aggravations. Each ornament is already activated, so there's no muss, nor fuss, nor any further magic necessary. Just hang it above your front door - or in your front window - and it gets to work, bringing in blessings for the entire year. In fact, the only thing you'll have to do is replace it with a new one before the next New Year dawns. It really is as simple as that.

So...what makes this ornament so magically potent?

For one thing, it contains the very same herbal mixture found in my Charmed Life jars, topped off with both Hot Damn and Bless My Soul oils - and no other formula on the market brings good fortune quicker than that. I've added multi-colored glitter to bring about and amplify a multitude of blessings. There are black-eyed peas for home protection, prosperity, and an extra dose of good luck, shredded money for financial increase, rose petals to magnify affection, good will and love, whole cloves to eradicate drama, and a piece of High John root to conquer anything that stands in your way. And because 2020 is an election year - and folks tend to be extremely passionate about political differences - I've also added a hefty dose of mint to cool raging tempers.

Tied up in deep teal ribbons to promote peace and domestic harmony, I've also added silver bells to ward off negative crap. And...I've personally charged and activated each one to bring you and yours the very best that life has to offer. But that's not all. Each ornament comes with a hook for easy hanging, is nestled in a bed of Spanish moss from my back yard [an item that can be used later in magical efforts requiring longevity], and is packaged in a clear, plastic box - so it's perfect for both gift-giving and stocking-stuffing.

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