The Angry Cauldron

The Final Solution Curse

The Angry Cauldron

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It's never an easy decision when it comes to cursing someone. More often than not, you've reached this magical point over the years in your life where you've simply put up with so much bullshit and drama that murder actually seems logical and the only reason you've refrained from that is because orange is definitely not your signature colour.  When you simply cannot continue to kill them with kindness, but you definitely can't find the spare time and right place to bury the body, there's The Final Solution. Our kit contains absolutely everything you'll need to ruin this unfortunate person's life. This curse is hands down the vilest and most iniquitous spell we've ever come upon in our practices and we do not suggest you use it idly. Not only will it completely ruin your target's life, but it will happen slowly over a period of years like drops of poison slowly dripped into a glass of water.  Imagine having the absolute worst day of your life...again and again and again...forever with no hope of things ever being good again. This curse often leaves your target with a dead-end life with no hopes, no dreams, and no sense of purpose. The results are not pretty so we must ask you to only use this curse in the direst of situations or for someone who TRULY deserves it. Your kit will come in a hand painted keepsake box containing all your supplies.  All you need to supply is a free night and enough motivation, hatred and loathing to ruin the rest of your target's life.

Our kit comes complete with:

1 complete 154-page spell book including Curse

4 miniature black skull candles

4 glass candle holders

1 bag of Cursing herbs 

1 Custom Prepared Altar Cloth

1 Hand Painted Black Box with Antiqued Bronze Hardware


One final word of warning.  If there is any doubt whatsoever about using this curse please find another solution to your problem.  We only suggest this be used as a truly final solution for a person so vile and so hated that even death is too good a punishment.

Need to annihilate more than one person? Check out our Final Solution Refill Kit for future curses. Once you've performed your curse, it's everything you need perform The Final Solution again. 

Because we hand harvest the herb mixture from the wild for this kit, we are currently out of stock. We hope to have these kits available again in the Spring. To be placed on our Waiting List please email us at  




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