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Cimaruta Large Pewter Double Sided

Katherine Parella Designs

We, here at The Angry Cauldron, looked high and low for an elegant, high quality protection charm that would provide the ultimate protection.  We proudly offer you an authentic cimaruta from Katherine Parella Designs.  Cast in pewter instead of silver it's a more economical choice for someone who wants a good quality protection charm but cannot afford the silver. The first cimarute were created by the Etruscans. The modern day charm with its thirteen symbols came along the latter part of the 17th century.   Most of the original cimarute were lost having been melted down during World War I and II.  Fortunately, Katherine Parella's great grandmother brought hers to the US in the 1800's and Katherine has created exact replicas from her great grandmother's cimaruta.  Throughout the years, cimarute have been hung over doors or worn on the body to protect the owner from the Malocchio or evil eye.  Katherine has sold her cimarute to the History Channel, HGTV, a museum in Belgium, the actor Chris Cooper's wife wears one of hers as well as Lynyryd Skynyrd (Gary Rossington's wife) and recently she sold one to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.  We feel fortunate and blessed to be able to carry Katherine Parella's product and offer a cimaruta that is one that is an exact replica of the 17th century cimarute.  Each Cimaruta comes with a brief history, description, and meaning of the 13 symbols.

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