The Angry Cauldron

Carnality Bath Bomb

The Angry Cauldron

Need a wild night out on the town? Tired of looking for Mr Right? Need to find your Mr Right Now? Our handcrafted lust formula bath bomb is designed to bring out the wild, playful beast in everyone. Our new Carnality Bath Bomb is bewitching, bright red and hot pink with a royal blue core.  Voluptuous, dark and seductive, tempting, and primal. Notes of Bergamot tea, Black Currant, and Black Forrest raspberry with hints of rose and amber.  All in a sultry base of vanilla bean, musk, and Vetivert. Use before a wild night out on the town or share a bath with your lover. 

*Store in a cool DRY place away from any sort of heat and/or humidity!!!

**Due to the natural water-soluble dyes used in this product it may temporarily stain your bathtub or leave a ring, but a good scrub with all-purpose cleaner should remove all traces of colour.



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