The Angry Cauldron

We gladly ship worldwide. Our site should accurately calculate real-time shipping rates via UPS and the USPS. We generally ship same day when at all possible.  We try to pick and pack all orders within an hour of order placement so we can get it on it's way to you ASAP.  Please note that during especially heavy ordering times (i.e.Dorothy Morrison's Birthday Bash (May), Yule, Black Friday-Cyber Monday, Pre-orders, etc ) we typically are receiving 250+ orders a day and shipping them out on a first come, first serve basis. Typical turn around times can be anywhere from 3-5 business days to 7-10 business days depending on item availability.  Please choose the option you want, but please know that we will choose the best option for your country.  For instance, the UK will almost always be sent via the USPS regardless of the choice made at checkout simply because it all ends up in the hands of Parcelforce upon entry into the UK. Please contact us at with any questions. Thank you so much!

If you choose to use a 3rd party delivery company to complete the delivery we are only responsible for the delivery to this company.  Beyond that point we cannot track the package, we have no control over the package and we cannot be held responsible for the delivery of said package once it shows delivered and it has been confirmed as delivered to that location.  The 3rd party company will have to be the one that is responsible from that point as we have fulfilled our obligations by shipping your package to the location/ destination that you chose for us at checkout. 

If you choose the cheapest shipping and handling for the USPS, that rate often does not support real-time tracking or order replacement insurance, so if this is important to you please choose something beyond first class USPS delivery.

International shipping & handling can be extremely expensive. Anything weighing more than 4 pounds can often be shipped in a medium or large flat rate box for the same price as shipping just a few items. We offer the ability to "bundle" multiple orders together in order to save on shipping and handling costs. For example, if you'd like to order several items over a period of time, but have the items all shipped together in order to only pay S&H once we can arrange that. It's an excellent way to save money and stick to a budget at the same time. Simply email us for details.

Another service we provide our International customers is the ability to order from any company in the US* (even if they don't offer international shipping). Just tell us the company you wish to order from, give us a list of items, and we'll see if we can procure the items for you and have them shipped to your International delivery address. We'll handle all the Customs forms and necessary paperwork.  You just have to pay the additional S&H. Email us for more details. 

 *Not all companies available, please email us to check availability  

***International taxes, duty taxes, tariffs and such are the sole responsibility of the customer.  Unfortunately, we cannot cover any additional fees your government imposes for ordering items from another country.***