The Angry Cauldron


Can You Hear Me Now?

Tone Deaf Obliteration



The current state of our world is messy, to say the least. Lies are in style. Crime runs rampant. And violence has become the new normal. folks are beyond angry - they're downright livid pissed - but somehow, they've gotten the idea that it's perfectly acceptable to bully their way through life. To say whatever they want. To do whatever they want. And to do so in the name of whatever cause they're currently espousing.

Kindness and compassion - to say nothing of consideration for the feelings of others - seem to be lost in ancient history. Why? Partly because we don't actually talk to each other anymore. Not face to face. Not where we can look folks in the eye, see the expressions on their faces, and register the hurt and dismay we're causing. No. We sit behind our phones and keyboards instead, typing and texting. Messaging whatever we please, no matter how hurtful. And before it's said and done, we've become something we never - not in our wildest imaginations - ever dreamt was possible: a whole society of keyboard bullies.

Technology - as fabulous and necessary as it is in today's world - has made us forget that we are dealing with real, live human beings when we hit that send button. Real people with real feelings, real emotions, and real problems. Individuals who process information, each in their own way. Each with their own personal sets of values, ideas, and moral structures. And, yes...each with their own political views.

So, this month I'm posting a spell I hope will evoke change - and I'm counting on that change beginning with you. In addition to doing the spell below, I'm challenging you to listen to - and really hear - what those around you have to say. I'm challenging you to try to understand where those whose opinions differ from yours are coming from. I'm challenging you to dig up that empathy - it's there within you somewhere - and try a little kindness. If there is no meeting of the minds available, I'm challenging you to put aside anger, and simply agree to disagree. I know I'm asking a lot here, but it's not that hard. Just remember that diversity is the spice of life. And without it, the human race - that fabulously unique species to which we all belong - might very well cease to exist.

Okay...let's get started!


1 Pink candle
1 tsp. Thyme, dried
Small piece of rose quartz
Candle inscription device or pencil
Vegetable oil

At mid-day - when the Sun is high in the sky - inscribe a heart on the candle with your initials in the center, then anoint the candle with the oil and roll it in the thyme. Light the candle, and holding the rose quartz in your hands, visualize your heart opening to others. See yourself becoming more understanding of their personal plights and more considerate of their feelings. See yourself truly hearing what they have to say, and regardless of whether you agree, being respectful of their views. Then ask Father Sun's assistance by saying something like:


Father Sun, I am Your child
And as such, please reconcile
The problem that I have to feel
What others do; I now appeal
Unto Your warm and golden love
To send compassion from above
And let it seep into my heart
So that its chill will now depart
And empathy will take its place
And consideration and its grace
Will become a valid part of me
As I will, so mote it be

Leave the stone in front of the candle until it burns out, then carry it with you.


* * * * *

[Excerpted from Everyday Sun Magic by Dorothy Morrison, copyright holder; published by Llewellyn Worldwide 2005]