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Dorothy Morrison's Grave Yard Cross Roads Dirt

Dorothy Morrison

[When the Only Cure is a Curse...]

I was searching the internet for graveyard dirt a few months ago, as my supply was low and I needed some for the Bad JuJu jars. And what did I discover? That most of what passes for graveyard dirt these days isn't dirt at all. Instead, it's a mixture of patchouli and wormwood--something commonly known as "goofer dust." The two are not even close to being synonymous; in fact, there isn't even the slightest resemblance.

So I waited until full moon, grabbed Mark, a garden trowel and some Ziploc bags, and headed for parts unknown in search of a rural cemetery. It was quite the field trip, but we finally found exactly what I looking for an old cemetery off the beaten path, that from all appearances, hadn't been visited in years. Even better, there was crossroads right in the center. It was as if Oya, Herself, had given me a precious gift - one of which I swiftly took advantage!

So...what exactly do you do with this particular dirt? And why is it a magical necessity?

Graveyard dirt can be used for many things, but this particular dirt is used for cursing and hexing. And because it was gathered from a cemetery crossroads, it also brings confusion and chaos to its target. It can be added to the stuffing of poppets, added to spells, tricks and hexing packets, sprinkled on candles and incense, and even to bury a target's name. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

But a magical necessity? Absolutely! Even if you think you would NEVER hex or curse someone, there comes a time in every practitioner's life where it's the only sound solution. The only way to stop your tormentor in his or her tracks, and take back your life. And when that happens, you're not only going to need this dirt, but quickly discover that it may not be as easy as buying some or gathering it yourself. Why? Because it's illegal to gather graveyard dirt in some states, and illegal to sell it in others. And you might just wind up empty-handed.

Graveyard Crossroads Dirt comes bottled in a generous 2 oz. size - more than enough to handle any of your magical needs - and packaged in a black organza bag.

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