The Angry Cauldron

Dorothy Morrison's Wicked Witch Mojo Forever Mine Spray

Dorothy Morrison

Still searching for your one true love? That romance of a lifetime that brings you to your knees? Already found it, but can't seem to garner that elusive long term commitment? Then stop playing around with Cupid, and give Forever Mine a shot! Use as both a room and body spray to attract your perfect love. Spritz on door mats, across thresholds, bed linens, and anywhere else your commitment-shy intended might step or recline. The results will amaze you!

Now available in a full 4 oz size bottle and a smaller 2 oz travel size good for keeping in the car, giving as a gift, taking with you on the go, or to use just as a sample tester. The 2 oz is also small enough to pass through airport security so they can be taken on planes. Please see

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