The Angry Cauldron

Dorothy's Ruby Red Bath Bomb

The Angry Cauldron

Vanilla: The Head Witch’s Best Friend

Vanilla is the beloved scent of our very own beloved Head Witch Dorothy Morrison and with good reason.  Vanilla is a featured  ingredient in numerous spells of love, lust, seduction, tranquillity, prophetic dreams, good luck, successful business, and prosperity.  It truly is an all-purpose ingredient for just about any spell you want to manifest. With Dorothy in mind, we created a sensational new all-purpose bath bomb in her honour.  With a splendid crust of sparkling ruby red and a delightful core of bright blue, this bath bomb can be used for just about anything you wish to manifest. Use it to change your life, relax after a difficult day and anything in between.  A warm blend of fresh vanilla beans, sumptuous caramel notes and enchanting creams. 

*Store in a cool DRY place away from any sort of heat and/or humidity!!!

**Due to the natural water-soluble dyes used in this product it may temporarily stain your bathtub or leave a ring, but a good scrub with all-purpose cleaner should remove all traces of colour.


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