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Dorothy Morrison's Special Edition Florida Water Spray

Dorothy Morrison

Although Florida Water was first introduced as a uni-sex cologne in early nineteenth century, magical practitioners have discovered many other uses for it over the years; so many, in fact, that it has now become a staple in magical tool boxes everywhere.

So, how is it used?

It's used as a surface cleaner to cleanse tools, altars, and magical work areas. It's a great tool when used for blessing a new home, as it cleanses any negative residue left by previous tenants, as well as bringing bountiful personal blessings - all in one easy step. It's perfect for ritual baths, for cleansing the aura and the spirit both before and after magical workings, and for quickly lifting that sluggishness known as the "blahs."

Of course, Florida Water is widely known for the uses listed above. But once I stopped using the popular manufactured brand and started blending my own, I quickly saw that cleansing and blessing were only the beginning of its power. Spritzed on the body before meditation and divination, it opens the channels for both prophetic and divinatory messages. Spritzed on the pillow at night, it clears the way for prophetic dreaming. It attracts the attention of the Ancestors when used to cleanse and bless their altars. And there's an added bonus for business owners, as well: A spritz in the workplace each morning brings boundless good luck and a substantial increase in sales. I wouldn't be without it - and you shouldn't, either!

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