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Dorothy Morrison's Poppet Pins and Inscription Tools

Dorothy Morrison

According to Dorothy....

My mother used to say that anything worth doing was not only worth doing well, but also worth doing with class and style. And that's what hit me like a ton of bricks as I was inscribing my last candle - using, of course, what I've used for the last thirty odd years: a disposable mechanical pencil. So with my mother's words in mind, it didn't take long to toss that pencil aside. Why? Because there's nothing more worthwhile than a magical effort. And there's nothing quite as tacky - at least, when it comes to magical implements - as a plastic tube filled with lead.

That said, I did some research, crunched some numbers, and played with design. And at the end of it all, I finally came up with a reasonably priced, multi-functional tool long enough for any effort requiring inscription, and short enough to double as a poppet pin. Best of all? It's classy. It's elegant. And it's stylish enough to satisfy even the most wickedly sassy Witch!


The pins are currently available in 3", 5", and 6" lengths.

About color...unless you want to place a custom order - something that you'll have to email us about and is likely to be a bit more expensive - the color choice is ours, and depends solely upon what We've got available since they are made and shipped to us from Dorothy herself.

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